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Foundation for Attraction Research was founded by Dennis V. Dahle, JD; A. Dean Byrd, PhD, MBA, MPH; and Shirley E. Cox, DSW, LCSW in 2005 for the purpose of developing resources and conducting research supportive of traditional Judeo-Christian standards of morality. The book Understanding Same-Sex Attraction is the first in a series of Where to Turn and How to Help books. Books on other topics are in the planning stages. The members of the Foundation’s board of directors, all of whom served as editors of Understanding Same-Sex Attraction, follow:

• A. Dean Byrd, PhD, MBA, MPH
• Shirley E. Cox, DSW, LCSW
• Dennis V. Dahle, JD
• Doris R. Dant, MS, MA
• William C. Duncan, JD
• John P. Livingstone, EdD
• M. Gawain Wells, PhD

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